Ima shreddin….Ima shreddin….(D)


So, after week one, I followed the diet, improvised and switched up a few things, but I am proud to say that I am down 4.5 lbs….Yay!  It was a challenge, with the kids having Dunkin Donuts and Dre bringing home stuffed animals holding boxes of chocolate on V-day, but I did it!  Dre is down, too, but who cares, men can lose weight just thinking about it, lol. Anyway, on to week two…0


Im happy and I know it *dancing*…..


So while I was all down about not losing nothing previously…I got weighed this morning at work and I am down 5 pounds….(go me, go me)…..I followed the diet to the tee this time and it worked…..and now that puts me in the lead for this weight loss challenge at work….I’m so proud of myself. I stuck to it and I did it….10 more pounds to go.  Love Dr.Ian’s shred only because eating healthy has really changed me..not to be all TMI but before I wasn’t “regular”..and had issues with that…but now Im regular…eating all these veggies and things..its great…..

WEEK 2 shredding (S)


Well I am on week 2 of the shred diet….and I am determined to follow it to the tee….I lost my 4 pounds from starting over last week. The weekends are hard for me…so I’m going to have to keep healthy stuff around, but when you have 5 snacking kids and you buying all the junk for them….its hard. Since I did join that weight loss challenge at work I have to kick it in gear so I can win this money or I’ll be out of $10…lol and I’m a sore loser. So here is to what I hope is a new beginning to my 20 pound weight loss goal.

Starting over, again part 209586790 (M)


I took my fitness evaluation at work and it put the state of my health in black and white. I am overwheight but that isn’t a surprise, my clothes tell me that lol. My ability to perform physical acitivity is limited also. I have my days when I feel bad about myself but who doesn’t? I do know that I am a beautiful person with a sweet spirit who is too hard on herself sometimes. I have days when I feel extremely sexy but then I look in the mirror lmbo. Now, I just have to get my physical to match how I feel on the inside. I have to what I can when I’m able but I will do it. What I realized is that if I think too far in the future, I get discouraged, the task seems to great. I have to take it one day at a time. I was so encouraged, I exercised two days last week and it felt good. The trick is to build on it.
I’m going to do the Special K thing to jump start my weight loss, for that encouragement and boost in energy I need to keep going. I get tired of stopping but I always find it in me to start over and I’m too stubborn to stop completely..

Starting completely over (S)


I had to start over, the weight I lost i probably gained it back minus a pound or two. Its like in the beginning there is so much will power and determination, but somewhere along the way you fall back into old habits…..

So going forward I am doing Dr. Ian’s diet over…funny my coworker had to start over too…

I pray I can follow straight thru the entire 4 weeks 



I regret to say I have fallen off the freaking wagon………not bad though…..I cheated yesterday and had chinese food even though it was only chicken and broccoli and it was a small portion, and the only reason i feel guilty is because this trainer said if you cheat alot and you havent been busting your azz to lose weight you dont deserve that cheat and I agree……..but all this healthy eating made my stomach smaller so when I ate that food I had indigestion really bad….and got full really fast….and TODAY …OMG coworker is retiring and we had a big breakfast at work for her and someone brought cheesy potatoes…..they were sooo good…I had that and fruit but those potatoes were so cheesy i need to workout immediately…but Im determined to get to my desired weight… excuses, I will not be shopping in the plus size department ever again especially not for summer clothes…GIRL BYE… 

Damn I love that man! (D)


So last night, hubby wanted to get a little freaky…needless to say, with all this extra weight on me, I feel a little less than sexy and attractive.  He pulls out this little piece of red material that I bought and could actually fit two years ago and wants me to put it on.  I said “please, my fat ass cant fit that anymore!”  I guess that pissed him off, because he started fussing at me telling me that he’s tired of me saying I’m fat, and ugly, and disgusting, etc ( I have more adjectives, but we’ll stop there lol) and says that I’m letting society’s standards dictate what he thinks of his wife.  He said he’s loved me for 15 years, when I looked like I needed a pork chop sandwich (lmao) and he still loves me even now with all of my curves (and rolls, and mountains, and freeways,,ok, so I added that part lol) He said my weight will never dictate how attracted he is to me or how much he loves me.  I think that was the kick in the pants that I needed.  Somehow having my husband tell me that he will love me regardless of my weight gave me an inner strength and determination to give him a sexy, healthy wife to love; one that will buy lingerie every week to give him something to look at, and one that will meet her goals and finally get healthy.  So , I have another doctor’s appointment in two months…by then I vow to be at least 20 lbs lighter, and I will no longer put myself down as a means of “motivation”. 

At a stand still!(S)


Not sure what happened, but weight wise I’m at a stand still. I’m not going to let it deter me, but its like ughhhh why won’t the numbers move…I guess I just better be happy my waist line is moving but I’d still like to get under 170 pounds which im some pounds away from…I am definitely going to repeat the diet and follow it to the tee….