The past two days


I’ve been  bad the past two days, I hope I didn’t gain the weight back that I lost.  The day before yesterday, I had a rally burger withn cheese and bacon, fries, two apple pies and a flippin’ milkshake.  I feel like a big pig!  Then today, a coworker took me to Golden Lily. I can say that once I was full, I did stop eating so I had a doggy bag.  I’m not giving up.  I did go to the store to reup on my healthy stuff and I intend to do some sort of exercise also.  Pray for me guys, please.  I am really committed to this.

I want an “entrance”  What I mean is that once I lose my goal weight, I want to walk in to a party or a function and have people look at me like “damn”  like at our reunion.  I’m not giving up…


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  1. ummm I think we should put our initials in parentheses to know who is talking because I couldn’t figure out which of you this but either way a setback is just a reminder you gotta get stricter with yourself..instead of the full meal eat half of it…this is hard trust me i know…..but in order to see progress or results you gotta change the old habits or burn off the setback (exercise or something)….otherwise it will take you longer…..tell yourself or find a piece of clothing that you can put up… or a picture that reminds you of your goals…..(S)

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