Determination (S)


So I tried not to go overboard like I normally do on the weekends….I portioned everything out and I am drinking more water…if you drink a glass of water before eating you wont consume as much food it definitely works.  Although I am dieting my family is not…so I am still cooking for them as normal, but if I decide to partake I can only eat a little bit…that way im not depriving myself….I am learning moderation and self control are the biggest factors in losing weight. I am also learning that you have to literally pay attention to what you are shoveling in your mouth. I had a minor setback and ate hot cheetos with jalepeno chedder cheese was so yummy and i did not consume the entire bag I portioned out the chips and once i was done i pushed it all aside…lol and then ate my healthy i bought some oatmeal that has some flax seed in it and its really good. I’m trying to follow the shred diet…for my initial weight loss… far I have lost a pound….not bad but nothing im elated about..I start my exercise routine today…my motto now is


I want this bad..tired of feeling fat


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  1. Good job!!! I like how you saw what could have been a disaster but you stopped it before it happened! It’s got to be really difficult for you guys with families because you guys have to cook for them. I applaud you two!

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