Finally the scale numbers moved


So i began this week happy…I’m down 5 pounds yeaaaaa…..I had closed my eyes when i got on the scale because i was afraid that the number hadn’t moved ……I got the girls and my boss at work getting ready to try the diet as well because it works and its nothing you cant do…..and Sean is helping me out now…he made me a turkey burger on whole grain wheat while he ate a hamburger with onion rings on it, french fries and more onion rings…smh lol I was so mad when they ordered food on Saturday and all i could eat was salad and soup that day BUT i did snatch two frenchfries and I took a bite of Taysions




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  1. Good job Sissy!!! I am sincerely proud of you!!! Now, I’m gonna need the details on this diet so I can try it lol. I don’t know when I’ll be able to weigh myself, I don’t have a scale (I will get one in the near future), I may have another doctor appointment so we’ll see. I am so happy for you you!!!! (M)

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