Slipped up and got stuck (S)


Ok so I had a slip up on my diet I went out to a Mexican restaurant Friday with my sister and ate a chicken tostada and had a glass of Merlot, and while I was full very quickly I felt so guilty..because my diet required me to only eat soup for dinner for that day and i messed it then I made a pot roast on Sunday and I had less than 5 ounces of it but my weight yo-yo’d, the five pounds i lost went to like only 3..I feel defeated and its my fault you have to follow the diet as close as possible, but you also have to work out..I only worked out 1 day last week ..but I’m going to keep going..>I’m on week 3 of this diet and I promise to work out five days like I’m supposed to…its been hard….I was on my period last week and when I’m cramping I aint trying to, and all these issues keep popping up and its has been stressful….trying so hard not to…..too determined especially when I measured myself and saw that I lost a couple inches off my waist….and my butt….so the weight aint moving as fast as i want it too, but the diet is not in vain


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  1. Keep it up and don’t beat yourself up boo. Out of the three, you are doing the best lol. I really need to get that book so I can get familiar with the diet. Seeing changes, like your drop in inches, can be uber encouraging! Good job babe (M)

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