Trying not to lose my motivation..(D)


So the past few weeks have been extremely trying….So much stress and worry. i’m trying not to forget my mission, my focus, but it’s difficult.  All I want to do is lay in bed.  I try to remind myself that this will pass and things will get better, but convincing myself is getting more and more difficult, not to mention everyone else.  I did lose 9 lbs, but not the way I wanted to.  I have to find a way out of this funk, prayer helps, but I have to remember to leave it all in God’s hands and stop taking it back.  Putting on a brave face is a full time job.  Hoping to get back to my old happy cheerful self….soon


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  1. Aww sister I responded to this earlier, but it didnt’ show up…so I’ll resay what i Try to keep your head up…things will get greater later…it doesn’t rain forever..and I know this is hard to see when you are in the middle of the storm but it will pass…and especially if you are trusting God with your issues..let him work it out for may not be when you want it to work out but if you prayed about it and you are working in harmony with your prayer he will help you..(ooo i sound like my dang moma lord help find something that de-stresses you that is healthy…like working out or reading, or something that will take your mind off the matters at hand for awhile….I know its easier said than done….trust me I’m there with you trying to keep motivated…and its hard but doable…mind over matter….speak positive and you will believe it….the mind is a powerful thing…..I’m always praying for you guys…and I love you…WE can do this…

  2. I’m sorry boo, I can literally relate to you, I haven’t even been physically able to go back to work fully yet. It does take an extreme amount of energy to keep a brave face, let alone a smile. I’ve been praying for you continually, I will double those. Things are GOING to get better and I feel it is truly important for us to to keep each other encouraged (all I want to do is sleep too *sigh*) I know we have it in us to suceed, the devil needs to take a hike or mess with someone else for a little while..hell…I love you guys with all my heart and to echo Shay, WE can do this…(M)

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