A little down (M)


I have no idea how much damage I’ve done.  I’ve lost my motivation it seems and I think I’ve worked out maybe once and that was half assed.  I purchased veggies and fruits but since I don’t sleep like I’m supposed to, I’m up all night and sometimes, I want bad stuff. I know I’ve eaten Taco Bell at least twice in addition to my Rally’s visit I told you guys about.  I’m stuck in a cirle, these migraines are killing me and my joints hurt, I get down because I’m in pain, I can’t exercise because it hurts, and I eat because I’m down.  Something has got to give, I can’t keep this up….(M)


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  1. I’m sorry you’re feeling down, hun, and I can relate, trust me. Even though I dont have the health issues that you have, I do know about migraines. But I also know that you are a strong woman, and that you can’t let your illness defeat you. My aunt had lupus, so I do know a little about it. While I’m no expert, I do know that some of the effects can be controlled by a good diet and exercise. There are articles that tell you how to eat and exercise and control it. This is what my aunt did, her pain and flareups were minimized by her diet and exercise. Although she’s no longer with us, she led a full life with that disease, and I’m not willing to watch you give in to it. So here’s a little tough love hun…..stop letting this disease control you. Trust me, I know you have pain, but weight contributes to ALOT of health problems, so show lupus who’s the boss. Eat the healthy food in your fridge, if you need to, call or text me if you’re feeling weak and feeling like eating something unhealthy, but you can do this, I know you can. I’m here for you and I love you. (D)

  2. Sis, One piece of advice stay away from the fast food..you won’t win with it….its fast yes but its unhealthy and it will never help you lose weight….I agree with what Deela said you have to take control of the disease…if you have pain you need to try and manage it as best as you can at that time..but dont just give up….if you can’t exercise then you have to figure out what you can do, can you take small walks,…can you park further away from the door where you work,….can you do 15 mins of exercise instead of 30, can you do chair exercises, these are just small things you can do until you can get to the point where you can do a full on workout, you can even try YOGA at home that doesnt require alot of jumping or movement…start small…We may not understand what you are going thru entirely with Lupus, but from all the things I have ever seen and read…diet and weight are big factors in controlling it, and I dont mean to repeat Dee we just wanna see you succeed because we love you and we care about you, BUT you have to love you and care about you that much more or you will be saying this same thing years from now…..tell yourself something positive everyday……start training your mind because when you get ready to overeat it sounds like you are in a bad mental space…..mind over matter honey……and maybe look into joining a Lupus support group….they are out there..even online…..it might help to talk to others going thru what you are….Love you always (S)

  3. You guys can’t be any tougher on me than I am to myself, I beat myself constantly. I recite what you guys have said to my self daily. @Shay, when I do go to work, I make sure I park farther away (great minds). I’ve been in remission for years but for some reason, when I had the surgeries, it aggreavated it. I know it’s because my body is still trying to heal so it’s fighting me. Hopefully, it’ll be over soon. Thanks for the love and the advice (M)

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