Exercise is my savior


Yesterday I had a doozy of a day….my husband ended up picking me up almost an hour late after I got off work…and only because he is trying to get this new job and they had him moving equipment from another store like he HE-MAN but anyway picked up my kids and Taysion snapped at me and Sean, and we were both like WTF…his attitude is just outrageous…then i had to go to grocery store and still come home and cook dinner and found out my U-verse is off……SMH needless to say my nerves were shot and i just wanted to go to bed BUT I didnt get to work out Monday so I had to talk myself into doing 25 minutes of the T-25….I was exercising at like 9 at night but afterwards i felt so good about it….I was able to sleep and i woke up feeling much much better……I think I found my stress reliever


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