Damn I love that man! (D)


So last night, hubby wanted to get a little freaky…needless to say, with all this extra weight on me, I feel a little less than sexy and attractive.  He pulls out this little piece of red material that I bought and could actually fit two years ago and wants me to put it on.  I said “please, my fat ass cant fit that anymore!”  I guess that pissed him off, because he started fussing at me telling me that he’s tired of me saying I’m fat, and ugly, and disgusting, etc ( I have more adjectives, but we’ll stop there lol) and says that I’m letting society’s standards dictate what he thinks of his wife.  He said he’s loved me for 15 years, when I looked like I needed a pork chop sandwich (lmao) and he still loves me even now with all of my curves (and rolls, and mountains, and freeways,,ok, so I added that part lol) He said my weight will never dictate how attracted he is to me or how much he loves me.  I think that was the kick in the pants that I needed.  Somehow having my husband tell me that he will love me regardless of my weight gave me an inner strength and determination to give him a sexy, healthy wife to love; one that will buy lingerie every week to give him something to look at, and one that will meet her goals and finally get healthy.  So , I have another doctor’s appointment in two months…by then I vow to be at least 20 lbs lighter, and I will no longer put myself down as a means of “motivation”. 


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  1. LOVE IT..tell Dre he better say that ish……it is always helpful when your hubby accepts you for what you are…..makes the journey much easier …you will succeed just keep pushing forward and you know I’m the motivating queen so if you need me to motivate you I am a click (FB) a text or a call away….lol love ya much (S)

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