I regret to say I have fallen off the freaking wagon…..lol……not bad though…..I cheated yesterday and had chinese food even though it was only chicken and broccoli and it was a small portion, and the only reason i feel guilty is because this trainer said if you cheat alot and you havent been busting your azz to lose weight you dont deserve that cheat and I agree……..but all this healthy eating made my stomach smaller so when I ate that food I had indigestion really bad….and got full really fast….and TODAY …OMG TODAY..my coworker is retiring and we had a big breakfast at work for her and someone brought cheesy potatoes…..they were sooo good…I had that and fruit but those potatoes were so cheesy i need to workout immediately…but Im determined to get to my desired weight…..no excuses, I will not be shopping in the plus size department ever again especially not for summer clothes…GIRL BYE… 


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