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Finally the scale numbers moved


So i began this week happy…I’m down 5 pounds yeaaaaa…..I had closed my eyes when i got on the scale because i was afraid that the number hadn’t moved ……I got the girls and my boss at work getting ready to try the diet as well because it works and its nothing you cant do…..and Sean is helping me out now…he made me a turkey burger on whole grain wheat while he ate a hamburger with onion rings on it, french fries and more onion rings…smh lol I was so mad when they ordered food on Saturday and all i could eat was salad and soup that day BUT i did snatch two frenchfries and I took a bite of Taysions




I’m back! (M)


Internet is back!  I haven’t weighed myself, I don’t have a scale.  I’ve been doing really well though.  I wanted chips really bad and needed an intervention but Dee suggested that I make that day my cheat day.  I got a dollar bag of Doritos, a pint of ice cream and a Pepsi.  The only thing I finished was the chips.  I ended up throwing up half the pint of ice cream and half the Pepsi.  I felt really good!  I’ve been sticking to my smoothies every morning, my veggies for snacks and my salad with baked chicken for dinner.  I’m really gonna try to exercise tomorrow, I’ve been having an extremely hard time with lupus lately. I’m not giving up, I’m super determined this time!

I made it 5 days (S)


I’m so proud of me..I made it 5 days on this super shred diet..and I havent given in to temptation, or unhealthy foods yet….it’s been sooooo hard…but I did it….I have 3 more weeks to go but they say if you get thru the first week the others are a breeze…..and I have never ever followed a diet  specifically like this before in my life so this is all new to me……I feel absolutely great…i think I may have lost a couple pounds already (can’t weigh myself until Monday).. but my pants i couldn’t button without dying because they squeezed my belly, now button with no problem they still tight in the thighs and butt area but baby I’ll take that for now…lol

Day 4 of this shred diet is called SUPER SHREDDER day


I think this is going to be my hungriest day………but I am too determined to do this…All I can drink is a fruit or veggie smoothie or eat soup….for my 4 meals today…for breakfast i had green tea and a green machine naked juice only 8oz since i dont yet have a juicer….i have two snacks coming up at 10 and 1130 and I have never looked forward to that

what I can say is that this diet is teaching me MAJOR portion control and how to eat at certain times to keep my metabolism from plummeting…..once I’m done I will be implementing some strategies to maintain my weight… far I feel great….Thaila and I exercised yesterday (T25)  and I just like feeling accomplished…my reward to myself is if I drop at least 10 pounds i get to buy myself something…..


Week 1 Day 2 of the shred Diet (S)


SO far this diet is easier than I thought it would be. I’m not starving and I’m actually eating more and still not feeling overfull or stuffed.  I am willing to share the book with you guys if you want. Its by Dr. Ian Smith (the black doctor) its called Super Shred diet, 4 weeks, 20 pounds..I skipped all of his talk about metabolism and all that and got right to what I needed to eat because I needed to see if this was doable and it is……when i input my meals into Fitness Pal he has you eating about 1200 calories a day. I didnt think I could eat that many calories, before I was eating less than that and still not losing weight but it makes sense as to why i wasn’t. I put my body in starvation mode, but the way he has it scheduled you eat 4 meals and 2 snacks…and its no diet food its like Oatmeal, eggs, pancakes, or toast for breakfast, any snack you want under 100 calories, juices, soda if you drink it, tea, you can drink coffee….its working for me because its not diet food. I am determined to stick to this…and hopefully I’ll be 20 pounds lighter in 4 weeks……DETERMINED!!!!

Determination (S)


So I tried not to go overboard like I normally do on the weekends….I portioned everything out and I am drinking more water…if you drink a glass of water before eating you wont consume as much food it definitely works.  Although I am dieting my family is not…so I am still cooking for them as normal, but if I decide to partake I can only eat a little bit…that way im not depriving myself….I am learning moderation and self control are the biggest factors in losing weight. I am also learning that you have to literally pay attention to what you are shoveling in your mouth. I had a minor setback and ate hot cheetos with jalepeno chedder cheese was so yummy and i did not consume the entire bag I portioned out the chips and once i was done i pushed it all aside…lol and then ate my healthy i bought some oatmeal that has some flax seed in it and its really good. I’m trying to follow the shred diet…for my initial weight loss… far I have lost a pound….not bad but nothing im elated about..I start my exercise routine today…my motto now is


I want this bad..tired of feeling fat

The past two days


I’ve been  bad the past two days, I hope I didn’t gain the weight back that I lost.  The day before yesterday, I had a rally burger withn cheese and bacon, fries, two apple pies and a flippin’ milkshake.  I feel like a big pig!  Then today, a coworker took me to Golden Lily. I can say that once I was full, I did stop eating so I had a doggy bag.  I’m not giving up.  I did go to the store to reup on my healthy stuff and I intend to do some sort of exercise also.  Pray for me guys, please.  I am really committed to this.

I want an “entrance”  What I mean is that once I lose my goal weight, I want to walk in to a party or a function and have people look at me like “damn”  like at our reunion.  I’m not giving up…