Starting over, again part 209586790 (M)


I took my fitness evaluation at work and it put the state of my health in black and white. I am overwheight but that isn’t a surprise, my clothes tell me that lol. My ability to perform physical acitivity is limited also. I have my days when I feel bad about myself but who doesn’t? I do know that I am a beautiful person with a sweet spirit who is too hard on herself sometimes. I have days when I feel extremely sexy but then I look in the mirror lmbo. Now, I just have to get my physical to match how I feel on the inside. I have to what I can when I’m able but I will do it. What I realized is that if I think too far in the future, I get discouraged, the task seems to great. I have to take it one day at a time. I was so encouraged, I exercised two days last week and it felt good. The trick is to build on it.
I’m going to do the Special K thing to jump start my weight loss, for that encouragement and boost in energy I need to keep going. I get tired of stopping but I always find it in me to start over and I’m too stubborn to stop completely..


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